Husqvarna Soff-Cut® saws

An Ultra Early Entry™ dry-cutting system

Husqvarna Soff-Cut ® saws and diamond blades
for ultra-early sawing of concrete joints

Soff-Cut is a system developed for ultra-early sawing of contraction joints after pouring concrete slabs. It’s the optimal solution for minimising the risk of random cracking, which is one of the most costly and aggravating problems faced when laying a large concrete slab. The main benefits are the high production rates combined with the opportunity to pour and cut the same day. And the straight, shallow cuts with sharp edges guarantee a good-looking result.


Now you can control random cracking on your slab with a shallow cut – just one hour after pouring with Soff-Cut ®

The Soff-Cut® Ultra Early Entry™ dry-cutting system minimises the risk of random cracks in concrete. This system is the optimal way to control random cracking, by cutting control joints as part of the finishing process, within the green zone. With ultra-early entry cutting you can control cracking in slabs up to 9 inches thick, with only a 1-inch minimum depth.

The problem

As concrete hydrates and begins to set, it develops internal stresses. The objective in controlling shrinkage cracking is to relieve these stresses before they seek their own relief in the form of random cracks.


The solution

With the Husqvarna Soff-Cut® Ultra Early Entry™ dry-cutting system, joints are sawn in the green zone – within the first hour or two after finishing. The Husqvarna Soff-Cut® technology is based on the combination of the Soff-Cut® blade and skid plate. The up-cutting rotation of the blade combines with the skid plate, which applies pressure to the surface to prevent chipping and spalling. Soff-Cut® allows you to cut in the green zone as part of the finishing process, to effectively control shrinkage cracking.

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