Husqvarna Power Trowels & Floats

Our NEW range of Ride-on & Walk Behind Power Trowels

Are you looking to purchase a Power Trowel? Concrete Services & Supplies Ltd (CSS) are now the exclusive dealer for the full range of Husqvarna Ride-On and Walk-Behind Power Floats / Trowels covering the UK and Ireland.

We have for a solutions for large sites, ranging from the CRT48ps to the CRT48 and CRT36 ride-ons. For those smaller jobs still requiring a perfect finish we have walk behind power trowels like the CT36. No matter the size of the job, our new range from Husqvarna is your best choice by far.

We have a range of Power Trowels for sale, both new and ex-hire fleet Wacker Neuson are available, we can also service your equipment, including power rowels / floats at very competitive rates.


Not ready to buy yet? We still have options!

Looking to hire a power trowel for a specific job? Did you know, we have the largest rental fleet of ride-on and walk-behind trowels in the UK. This enables us to easily supply clients all across mainland Britain. Get in touch today!

Husqvarna Ride-On Power Trowels

When finishing concrete slabs, challenges can be many. Worrying about equipment should not be one of them. The Husqvarna range of ride-on trowels will enable you to achieve great results on any job site, no matter the size. These machines offer the torque, speed and smart features to finish the job at hand with confidence, while delivering exceptional floor flatness (FF).

Trying to achieve a flat and smooth concrete surface? – then you cannot avoid using trowels. With our range of Husqvarna power trowels, you can take care of floating, finishing and polishing with one machine. Here at CSS we also sell all of the pans and blades to ensure you have everything you need to finish the job properly.

husqvarna-crt36 ride-on

Husqvarna CRT36

husqvarna-crt48 ride-on

Husqvarna CRT48

husqvarna-crt48ps ride-on

Husqvarna CRT48-PS

Husqvarna Walk-Behind Power Trowels

The Husqvarna walk-behind power trowels are powerful machines, developed to deliver a smooth and durable concrete surface without compromising the operator’s productivity and safety. When you choose a walk-behind trowel, you should consider the size of the surface, the type of concrete, weather conditions and any obstacles or narrow doorways.

CSS stock these walk-behind trowels in various sizes to ensure you are equipped for any surface to be processed. The smaller models are ideal for edge areas and areas with smaller dimensions. With medium to large walk-behind units, the Husqvarna machines have an optimal balance so you can operate the unit with as little effort as possible.

Husqvarna BG245 edging trowel

Husqvarna BG245

husqvarna-ct36 walk behind

Husqvarna CT36

husqvarna-ct48 walk behind

Husqvarna CT48

Power Trowel Pans & Blades

We supply high quality, long lasting power trowel pans, blades and other consumables for Husqvarna, Wacker Neuson and more.

Power Trowel Pans

Power Trowel Pans

Power Trowel Blades

Power Trowel Blades