Concrete Power Buggies

Our Bartell Morrison Concrete Buggies

Work smarter, not harder with concrete buggies!

Concrete Power Buggies - Concrete Buggy For Sale
Concrete Power Buggies - Concrete Buggy For Sale

Our Bartell Morrison Concrete Power Buggies act as an oversized and engine-driven wheelbarrow.

They are a piece of construction equipment that helps to transport materials like concrete, soil, and gravel easily. These units are utilized when needing to move a substantial amount of material around your job sites.

A Concrete Buggy will help you work smarter, not harder!

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· Dump and drive capability allows for feathering of load in forward and reverse.
· Operator’s platform with simple and clean control system allows for comfortable and convenient operation of the unit.
· Excellent traction and control with heavy-duty welded chassis.
· High density poly bucket is impact resistant and designed to withstand the toughest use.
· Power supplied through heavy-duty hydraulic pump and two high efficiency hydrostatic drive motors.
· Foot operated dump lever allows operator to keep both hands on steering handle at all times.
· Foot actuated operating and parking brake. Heavy duty components for longer life.
· Made in Canada
Gas / Petrol

Honda GX390

Overall Length
97” (261.6 cm)

Overall Width (Single | Double)
35.5” (90.2 cm)

Overall Height
53” (134.6 cm)

Maximum Load
2500 lbs (1136 kg)

17 ft^3 (481 L)

7.25 mph (11.7 km/h) at 4000 rpm
· Electric Start
· Foam Filled Tires
· Steel Bucket