Hire Power Trowels, Concrete Buggies, Laser Guided Screeds and much more

CSS have an extensive range of concrete flooring equipment for hire, including the largest rental fleet of ride-on and walk-behind Power Trowels in the UK enabling us to supply clients all across mainland Britain. Whether you are looking for a Power Float solution for large sites – the CRT48 and CRT36 ride-ons, or for smaller jobs requiring the perfect finish – the CT24, CT36 and CT48 walk-behinds, our range from Husqvarna & Wacker Neuson is the best choice and available for hire today. You can hire Trimble lasers, vibrating screeds, lighting towers and much more.

We have everything required for you to lay your perfect floor.

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We have a range of Husqvarna and Wacker Neuson Power Trowels to help you complete the task in hand, no matter how big or small:

CRT48-PS Power Float Trowel
CRT48 Power Float Trowel
CRT36 Ride On Power Float Trowel
Available in Diesel or Petrol – Vanguard 2 cylinder engine or Kubota
(Electric steering also available)

Walk-Behind CT48 Power Trowel
Walk-Behind CT36 Power Trowel
Walk-Behind BG245 Edging Float
Walk-Behind CSS CT24 Edging Float
Walk-Behind CSS 36 Inch Power Float

HIRE A POWER TROWEL TODAY: 01477 500066 to find out more.

EKIN Conscreed® E1800 Laser Guided Screed

Introducing the EKIN Conscreed® E1800 – A lithium-ion powered laser guided screed made by concreters, for concreters.

100% electric, zero emissions and designed to make your job easier. With high power and practical dimensions, the Conscreed® is engineered to do the job.

The 100% electric Conscreed® E1800 runs off high performance lithium-ion batteries, offering up to 2500m2 per full charge.

HIRE AN EKIN CONSCREED E1800 TODAY: 01477 500066 to find out more.


Contop Dry Shake Topping Spreader

Designed by Concrete Services & Supplies (CSS) and manufactured in the United Kingdom. A new versatile, mobile and affordable Dry Shake Topping Spreader that attaches directly to a Telehandler.

We recommend using a “double boom” Telehandler with a boom reach of 12m or 14m. A Telehandler with a triple boom (e.g. 18m) means the third boom operates at a different speed and so can cause speed differences.

The Telehandler will need Male and Female auxiliary couplings to operate the CONTOP motor.

HIRE A CONTOP TOPPING SPREADER TODAY: 01477 500066 to find out more.


concrete power buggy

Our Bartell Morrison Concrete Buggies act as an oversized and engine-driven wheelbarrow.

A Concrete Power Buggy is a piece of construction equipment that helps to transport materials like concrete, soil, and gravel easily. These units are utilized when needing to move a substantial amount of material around your job sites.

Concrete Buggies help you work smarter, not harder!

HIRE A CONCRETE BUGGY TODAY: 01477 500066 to find out more.


fs400lv, fs305, fs413, fs524

In floor sawing, maximum productivity can only be achieved by a well balanced formula of power, ergonomics, torque, manoeuvrability and reliability. All factors must collaborate efficiently, so you can get the most out of your working day. It’s about the interplay between you, the machine and the diamond blade as a whole. This is what makes Husqvarna floor saws the ideal choice for maximum productivity.

HIRE A HUSQVARNA FLOOR SAW TODAY: 01477 500066 to find out more.


Trimble and Spectra Precision® lasers

We have a range of Trimble lasers available to hire, ranging from LR30, GL422, GL722 including Tripods and Girder Clamps.

Trimble is a pioneer in construction positioning technology providing reliable, accurate solutions and improving productivity in a wide range of jobs.

Trimble and Spectra Precision® offer a comprehensive portfolio of leveling, positioning, and alignment tools and solutions for General Construction, Interior and Underground work. A complete line of construction and surveying accessories completes the portfolio.

HIRE A TRIMBLE LASER TODAY: 01477 500066 to find out more.



Perfect for when you are up against it and working into the night or covered spaces.

The Stephill SLT5000 – 4 x 200 watt LED lighting heads mounted on a 5.4m hand operated mast. Highly portable, quickly and easily erected by a single operator. Extremely versatile with lights operating while using either 115V or 230V AC generator outputs. Yanmar L70 electric start air cooled diesel engine coupled to a Meccalte alternator.

HIRE A LIGHTING TOWER TODAY: 01477 500066 to find out more.


strimmer poker

The Porta-Vibe CC4 concreter is a self-contained, highly portable hand held 4-stroke petrol driven concrete vibrator.

It is ideal for working in areas with limited access, without access to an electrical supply, confined/remote areas and general small/medium concrete applications on site.

HIRE A STRIMMER POKER TODAY: 01477 500066 to find out more.


magic screed

The Morrison Bartell Uniscreed is lightweight and easy to transport, assemble, and operate.

Specially designed to permit a single operator to quickly and easily level an entire area. Any handle vibration is minimized with an impact absorbing mounting system to optimize control and operator comfort.

Superior control is achieved with a responsive handle mounted throttle and on/off switch. The high frequency vibration disperses and levels concrete without build-up.

Blade design permits cutting and smoothing in a single operation, they are interchangeable with other leading wet screed units.

Blades Available In: 6’ (1.8m), 8’ (2.4m), 10’ (3.0m), 12’ (3.7m)

HIRE A VIBRATING SCREED TODAY: 01477 500066 to find out more.


We have a huge range of concrete flooring equipment for hire, including – Belsprays, Electric Sprayers, Wet-Vacs, Manual Spreaders, Grinders and Generators to ensure you have everything you need to complete your job.

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